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tout est parfait, merci beaucoup pour votre réactivité
    I am dissatisfied for several reasons, they gave 45 days of shipping, it took 83 days. The package was very poorly preserved, I added photos. The broken order, I added a photo. I am a company and they do not justify the amount of money I paid, which was €498 and only Justifies €397, the rest of the money, no one knows how to explain it to me. I report the problem of the damage, they order me to look for a repair, wasting my time and money looking for it, and they tell me that this repair is very expensive and they don't take care of it...Another strange thing that The order showed hundreds of units of things that I did not order, only a 3x6 meter tent was requested. Very bad experience I DO NOT recommend this company.

    Respuesta del proveedor:

    We are very sorry for the unpleasant shopping experience brought to you. 1) Regarding the delay for shipment, We had explained to you. After we track this shipment and double check with our forwarder agent, the parcel has been arrived in Poland on 22th.of December. But it's Christmas holiday, All of people are in holiday and don't work. The usual shipping time is around 45 work days after sailing. And We received a goods receipt from our forwarder, it shows the receiving date is 11th. of January. 2) For the payment issue, We also explained to you. For order total, It's USD 419. But in EU regulations, when you buy the products online, the buyer should pre-pay the tax on The extra tax is USD 87.99. This tax duty is paid to, not to us. We just receive your order payment (USD 419), And we showed you the proof. In the meantime, We teach you how to fix the tax problem, IOSS: IM5280002556 IOSS number can be used for EU orders which has collected VAT on)
    06 Feb 2024
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